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Golden Leaves
Summer program

Spend your next summer in China, developing your business skills
Learning Mandarin, and visiting various Chinese cities all while
living in a Jewish Environment!

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About Us

During the past decade, we have seen a Booming economy in China, with so much potential, and opportunities for growth in Technology, exportation, and production; everyone seems to be taking advantage of the times that we are living in. There are programs available that promise students to take them to China, learn about the culture, and prepare them for the future. They take them to factories, provide them with facilities, and food. With a small Jewish population, and a scarcity of Kosher food, many young Jews that have dreams of venturing the Far East looking to learn some trick of the trade see this travesty as almost impossible.

A program designed
for Jewish people

Golden Leaves facilitates the concern of young observant Jews to spend time in China and still stay connected to their roots. Take advantage of the opportunities that only China can provide, but still ensure that young Jewish adults can maintain their Jewish observance; We created a program that combines Torah studies, experience working in China, facilitate students with Exquisite Kosher cuisine, and supporting students’ growth in every way possible.


Days of learning and having fun


Students had a great experience at Golden Leaves


Satisfaction Guaranteed

A great opportunity for your future.

This summer we will be running a program in Guangzhou, China from July 1st through August 5th. Over the course of the program, participants will be working as interns, learn Mandarin, Torah studies, network with selected influential business people, follow their dream of starting their own business, and visit trade shows and factories all in one house offering daily Minianim,  Shabbatot, and of course Kosher food!

What other students say about the program

I came on this program to fulfill my love for business, Torah and leadership. The fact that we ended up in Shanghai and that’s also perfect for my passion for travelling and ancient eastern traditions…

Jason Kron
Jason KronManchester, 2014 - 2015

In Israel we learn leadership from experienced professionals gaining personal skills for now and for the future. China was a great experience and was very interesting as a whole. It is a great opportunity to see about what business is like in China. We had a great group of guys because of the diversity; everyone coming from different backgrounds and countries.

Moshe Braha
Moshe BrahaNew York,2014 -2015

My aspiration from Golden Leaves was to learn the most skills I can from the courses, and experiences given, and use them in my everyday life, business world, and around my peers. My goal after the program is to take the skills learned, and use them to show a Kiddush Hashem in the business world being a respected, and successful Jewish businessman…

Menajem Benchimol
Menajem BenchimolMiami Summer 2015

In golden leaves I learned how to overcome with the obstacles in my life, and how to be more independent

Yigal Benzaquen
Yigal Benzaquen Costa Rica 2015 - 2016

My main goal in life is to develop me as an exemplary person in Jewish traits and knowledge. My goal for this year is to grow with my colleagues our skills in Torah, leadership, business and character traits. I am working hard to make my best to achieve these goals.

Eduardo Attia
Eduardo AttiaMexico2014 - 2015

I’ve learnt different life qualities from the shiurim we have while in China. from the program: life advice, leadership speeches from successful businessmen, learnt the basics of Mandarin, and to understand international trade terms. During my internship I had the opportunity to understand how the clothing business work, while visiting factories and trade shows. Currently in Israel I’m learning: Hebrew, the differences between a boss and a leader and all the qualities a leader has to have. But honestly I Think the most important thing I learnt this year so far is to have the initiative to work on myself, and grow as a person

Shmuel Ostrowiack
Shmuel OstrowiackGuatemala2015 - 2016

Intership Tracks

Upon admission into Golden Leaves, students will be given two paths to choose from

Corporate Track

Students will be given the opportunity to intern for a company. Most people living in Guangzhou are traders, meaning they are hired by companies outside of China in order for them to strengthen ties between factories and the businesses themselves, and make sure orders are running smoothly. The student will be given intensive tasks to complete in whichever internship he is placed in. Internship options vary between: Vegan Online Shop, Cellphone Accessories Trading Company, Jewelry trading company, Shoes Trading Company, Clothes Trading Company, and several others.

Entrepreneurship Track

If the student decides to take this track, he will  be given the option to create his own business plan and develop it throughout the summer. He will choose a product, a profitable country to sell it in, conduct research in pricing and legal regulations, evaluate competition and risk, visit product factories, and find customers to ship the finished products to. Throughout the Entrepreneurship Track, students will receive help and assistance from business experts, and successful entrepreneurs. This track provides a hands-on business experience, and an opportunity to innovate and sharpen entrepreneurial skills.


During the program we will visit three major Chinese cities…


During our stay in Hong Kong we will be praying and eating at the Kehilat Zion Synagogue.  Kehilat Zion hosts thousands of Jewish Businessmen from across the globe throughout the duration of the year. Students will be given the opportunity to network and meet several successful Jewish Businessmen. We will visit Jewish community centers and learn about Jewish life in Hong Kong and in Kowloon. Furthermore, we will visit prime tourist destinations throughout our stay.


This amazing growing city is known to be the Silicon Valley of China. During our stay in this city we will have a day of activities with a company that aims to teach Chinese how to think like westerners. The founder of the company, a young Israeli, will give us a speech about the differences in the cultures and will also interview us for his weekly video. During the free time we will visit beautiful places like Bay Park, Sea World, among others.


For our last week we will be in this city, while in there we are going to learn about the rich Jewish History that this city has, and how there were more than 30.000 Jews living in Shanghai before the communist party took power. We will also see the second and fourth tallest buildings in the world, as well as visit the Bund, French Concession, among others. There will also be Business man and local Jewish Leaders coming to speak to us such as the Rabbi of the Community, the head of a multinational company, among others.

We will be organizing a Shark Tank in New York a few months after the program so the participants that decide to create their own business will have the alternative of finding funding for his idea

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